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Foxs' of Scale Family Tree


Fox Family of Scale and Burnscale


Parish of Melling

Lonsdale - Lancashire


Richard Foxe - Freeholder of Manor of Hornby, died in or before 1537.  From him were descended Anthonye of Arkholm, died 1610, and his brother Richard of London, both of whom appear to have died without issue.  It is speculated that Thomas of Hornby,  living c1579/85, is of the same stock and the probable father of -

Wills are available for descendants whose names are in capitals.  Please select this link Fox Family Wills, or click on the family members name to go to the Fox Family  Wills page.


JOHN                                                             Will of 1620 at Burnscale.  Rent payer in

                                                                         Roeburndale in 1581.


            Thomas                                               Died in either 1650/51 at Tatham.                                                                                 Paying rent from Roeburndale



            Elizabeth                                            Paying Rent 1636.  With children.


            Margaret                                             Paying Rent


            Gilbert  (Eldest Son)                          Died in 1631 at Robondell

                                                                          (Roeburndale).  Married

                                                                          3 June 1621 to Isobel Swan

                                                                          In Tatham.        


                    Gilbert                                        Died in 1694.  Married                        

                                                                         Elizabeth 19/11/1666(?)


                    John                                            Baptised in 1627, son of Gilbert

                                                                        died in 1709. 

                                                                        Married to Agnes who died in 1707.


                            Alice                                   Baptised in 1670.  Daughter of John


                            George                                Paying rent from Roeburndale

                                                                        in 1700.


                            JOHN                                 Died in 1740.  Married Ann Mellin of                                                                         Burton (died 1756) in 1700.


                                           Ann (Helen)        Born in 1700 married in 1729

                                                                         Thomas Skirrow.


                                           Mary                    Born in 1703, died in 1784.  Wife of

                                                                         James Howson.


                                           Agnes                   Born in 1708.  Wife of Edmond



                                           Joan                      Born in 1712.  Died in 1791.  Spinster

                                                                         in 1739.


                                           GILBERT            Born in 1714. Died on 23 November                                                                           1780 aged 66.  Married Mary

                                                                         Wilson who died on 7 January

                                                                          1785, aged 70. 


                                                   Ann               Born 1946?  Died on 18 July 1797,

                                                                         aged 51.


                                                  Mary             Born 1748.  Died in April 1772, aged



                                                  Ellen              Born 1751.  Died a spinster on 2 June 

                                                  (Eleanor)       aged 65.


                                                  John               Baptised in 1753.  Bachelor.  Died on

                                                                          10 May 1846, aged 92.


                                                  Gilbert           Born in 1756.  Died on 26 March 1839,

                                                                         aged 83.


                                                           John Richardson      1800-1873, Bachelor.


                                                           Margaret                 Spinster


                                                           Betty Hessy             Widow in 1836


                                                           Nelly Balderson       married Edward



                                                           Mary                           Spinster in 1836


                                                            Gilbert                       Married Nancy


                                                                John Richardson      b. 8/10/1835


                                                                Nancy                        b. 30/8/1829


                                                                Isaac                          Mechanic of


                                                                                                   b. 16/2/1827                                                                                    


                                                           Isaac     Born in 1759, married Christiana

                                                                         Stevenson on 20 September 1792.

                                                                         Also married Mary Eliza Young

                                                                         on 2 August 1806.  Lost at sea in

                                                                         January 1811, aged 52 years.                                             


                                                           John     Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1798. 

                                                                       (Separate tree ref...)


                                                           Isaac    Born in 1810 in Liverpool.

                                                                        Emigrated to Australia in 1838.                                                                        (Separate tree ref...)


                                                  Elizabeth        Born 1763.  Died 26 May 1786,

                                                                           aged 23.


Note:  Gilbert and Mary’s children established positively from the memorial inscription at Melling Church.


Wills available for names in CAPITALS.


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