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Acknowledgements & References

 Professional researchers

               Peter Stanford for the family tree back to the 1500's and for supplying   the local history of the area, and for most of the research in this book.

            Andrew Fox for his initial work and for establishing the link with Roeburndale.


            Isaac Woodhouse and family, the present occupants of Scale and    Burnscale for their help and support for the project. 

            Mr Robert Bassenden, amateur historian of Wray, and his wife for local material and advice.

Relations, who wrote in after the first book with encouragement for further effort on the family history.

And lastly my father and great aunt Gypsy who stimulated and encouraged my interest as a youngster in our origins.


Historical References and Notes

There is a greater reference to history, historical backgrounds and important events than some readers might expect in a very modest history of a tenant farming family in a remote area of Lancashire.  The readers of this book I expect in the main, will be Australians, with less knowledge of English history, and Lancashire history particularly, than readers with interests in that area.  Although I have an interest in history, I have no expertise in this area, and have had to rely on extracts from history writers that I felt relevant.  In such cases I have shamelessly copied this material.  It is not a academic discourse so I have restricted acknowledgments and references to a minimum.  As for copyright infringements, I rely on the fact that it is for a very small, (but select) group of readers who in the main, will be descended from John Fox (d1630).  My only defence is to rely on an early copyright case, possibly the first.  King DIARMAIT, sitting in judgement on COLUMCILLE, (the Irish monk who founded IONA in 557) who had copied his masters psailtr, issued his famous decision “To every cow her calf; to every book its copy”.

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