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The Children of the First Family


Again, at this distance in time and because of difficulty of contact I am unable to tell you very much about the lives and families of some of Isaac’s children.  Perhaps some of our relatives may be able to fill in the gaps, to provide some detail as it is only because I know a little more about them through personal contact.


GEORGE FOX Born 1836 Corydon, England and died on 27 January 1914 at “Lotus” Yeronga Brisbane aged 78 years.  Member of the Legislative Assembly.  He was buried on 28 January 1914 at the South Brisbane Cemetery.  George Fox was educated privately and remained at the parental homestead Jerrara Bungonia until his 24th year.  He went to Sydney and opened a business as a Commission Agent.  At 28 years of age he married Elizabeth Lindley.  Three boys were born but did not survive.  Elizabeth must have died for it is recorded that he married Annie Milburn Elliott, daughter of Robert Elliott of New South Wales, Gundagai at 37 years of age in 1873.  “A History of Queensland” states that he married Annie in 1867.  The 1867 is thought to be correct.


George moved to Queensland in 1868 and became a managing partner in a firm of contractors with a contract to move ore from the Peak Downs Copperfields to Broadsound.  In 1877 he established a stock and station and general agency in Rockhampton.  He continued in business for a short two years and in 1879 took up Lotus Creek and Croydon Stations.


He ran 14,000 to 15,000 head of cattle until 1902 (about 400 square miles).  About 5,000 head were mustered after the 1902 drought.  In 1899 he purchased “Killarney” of 53 square miles.  In 1914 after his death, the whole of his estate was brought over by his son George Harry SL Fox who subsequently sold “Killarney” to his brother Frank.  George Fox was of outstanding personality; tall, good looking, always immaculately dressed and is said to have liked the ladies.  He certainly was if high intelligence with a vigorous and forceful character.


He was interested in mining between Rockhampton and Nebo.  He was a moving figure in the establishment of the early Meatworks at St Lawrence.  George was a JP with a keen interest in local divisional affairs.  For many years he was Chairman of the Broadsound Board and a member of the Gogango Divisional Board.


He succeeded Oscar de Stage as a member for the Normanby Constituency in the old Legislative Assembly on 15 May 1877.  He lost his seat but was returned again in 1901 and continued to hold it until his death in 1914.  He was involved in the passage of the Agricultural Bank Act while the establishment of the State Farm at Warren was, in great measure the result of his personal efforts.  “In politics he was the most loved man in the house”.  He certainly would have been popular.


George was the leader of the family in Queensland.  He was instrumental in bringing his stepbrothers, Tom and Frederick to Queensland.  They took up land in the same district as “Bombandy”.  George and Annie had seven children but only four survived.


Mary Eliza (Ethel) was 44 at George’s death in 1914, George Harry St Lawrence (43), Frank (41), Herbert O’Reilly (39).  All remained in the district for much of their lives and the three boys ran their own grazing properties.


George’s Children

Mary Eliza – thought to have married a Mr Wallace of the central district and had a family.  A son, Harry Wallace has been mentioned by older members of the family.


George Harry St Lawrence Fox – was educated at “Croydon”.  He married Amy, the daughter of John Badgery of “Ivy Hall” and a stepdaughter of Annie, Isaac’s eldest daughter by his second marriage.  Amy had been invited to stay at “Bombandy” with Frederick Young Fox and his wife who had been a governess at “Croydon”.  It was here that Amy met “Harry” Fox.  Amy was the last of her generation and in 1967 was a grand old lady.  We met her in Sydney.  She had three daughters Enid, Wanda and Brenda.  After “Croydon” was sold, the family moved to New South Wales.  Brenda married a Mr Littlejohn and one son, Ted, had a property near Capella in Central Queensland.  Ted’s son Ian Littlejohn was a student at the Brisbane Grammar School and has visited 8 Hiron Street, St Lucia with my sons Peter, George (Cameron) and Norman.


Frank Fox – of “Killarney”, son of George was born in Sydney in 1873.  Tutor and Governess, Margaret Holmes, who married Frederick Young Fox, educated Frank at “Croydon”


In 1980 he became actively engaged in stock and station work.  After some six years he went sugar planting at Mackay.  He sold out in 1898 and managed “Lake Learmouth” on the Fitzroy of PF MacDonald.  He remained on the property until 1914.


He took over “Killarney” in that year.  Frank married Isabel Margaret Irvine, a niece of PF MacDonald of Yamba in 1900 but Isabel died on 1909 without issue.


The writer remembers Frank Fox as a tall, dark, slim, good-looking man in Rockhampton in 1933 and 1934.  Frank visited my mother one day and for no apparent reason except, after many years to renew acquaintances.  He heard I was interested in boxing and promptly arranged and paid for lessons.  Before the friendship could grow he was killed as a result of a car accident while inspecting bullocks, I think at Marlborough in 1934 or 1934.  I attended his funeral.  He was buried at the Dawson Road Cemetery in Rockhampton. 


Herbert O’Reilly Fox – I have no record of Herbert O’Reilly except that he remained in the district and during the 1930’s owned a property near Canal Creek north east of Rockhampton.  In later life he was reputed to be deaf, and if married there is no evidence of any children.


ISAAC ALEXANDER FOX – born 26 May 1838 at Sea 29 degrees 22’ south 37 degrees 37’ east.  My grandfather Frederick Young Fox senior did not remember him but states that George told him that Isaac had an affair at Goulburn at an early age with a girl whom Isaac Senior did not approve of.  He left or was banished form the family home and his father never spoke to him again, although on one occasion they did meet.  Isaac Junior was reputed to be an excellent horsemen and a good judge of horses.  He is thought to have moved to north Queensland and although he contacted his older brother, George, no record remains.  These contacts were made during the period 1860 and 1880. 


Editor’s Note:  Peter Fox contacted Fran Steel, a great granddaughter of Isaac Alexander Fox’s and she has supplied the following information which is summarised as follows:


                        Isaac Alexander Fox was a pioneer of Proserpine, North Queensland.  He was baptised in the Parish of St Andrews, Sydney on 15 July 1838, just two weeks after arriving in Australia.  He was born on “The John” about 400 nautical miles east of Durban on 26 May 1838.  An article in the Proserpine Guardian dated 17 December 1947 tells us a little of his life.


                        Isaac Fox: Came in 1882 and founded Foxdale.  He raised a fairly large herd of cattle form which he kept two bullock teams fully employed hauling timber which was shipped from the Proserpine River wharf to Rooney’s mill at Townsville.  His two teams and C Hyden’s horse team did the first clearing and ploughing in Proserpine for O’Connell and Glen Isla.  It was Fox’s bullocks that ploughed the big lagoons later known as Chapman’s gully through which the Proserpine River is now cutting a new bed.  Fox’s cattle roamed everywhere and early settlers of Preston say they were authorised to kill a fat bullock when they wanted one but they had to bring the hide and £1 to Fox.  Mr Fox also had a few stools of cane, which WJ Brown of Preston planted out for him in 1894.  Mr and Mrs Fox’s family and descendants are among our well-known and respected residents.


                        The same article mentions Isaac and George Fox carting cane together in 94/95 and that Isaac Alexander was involved with a bullock team caring freight.  His children’s birth certificates show his occupation a carrier and farmer.


                        Isaac Alexander Fox married Mary Anne O’Neill who was born on 25 November 1844 and died eleven months after her husband, on 26 July 1919.  Isaac and Mary had five sons and three daughters.  Their children are as follows:  Isaac (b 1871 – d 24302.1893), George (b 1872), Mary Ann (b 1874 – d 07.09.1879), Edith Marian (b 29.02.1876 – d 07.08.1917), Ann Elizabeth (b 1879 – d 19.01.1930), Martin Alexander (b 06.04.1883), John William (b 06.04.1883 – d 30.01.1884), Lawrence Edward (b 07.02.1885 – d 20.08.1974).  Isaac Alexander died on 30 August 1918.


JOHN RUSKIN FOX – Born 27.08.1840 Bindavale, Georgeiana and died 27 February 1873.  Little is know at this stage about John Ruskin.


Editor’s Note:  Research by Fran Steel indicates he married Sarah Ann Funnell and that they had the following children:  John (b 1864), Esther A (b 1869), George (b 1870), Isaac Alexander (b 1873) Edwin J (b 1865) and another female (detail unknown).  John Ruskin died in his 30’s in Bathurst and it appears that his family may have settled in the Goulburn area.


MARY ELIZA FOX – Born 11.11.1841 Taradale, Lake George, Argyle and died

20.01.1876.     Married Joseph Wallis of Mittagong in approximately 1866.


Editor’s Note:  She lived (and died) in the Mittagong area of New South Wales.  Children as we know at this time:  Francis J (b 1866), Hannah E (b 1867), Mary E (b 1867), Clara (b 1868), Isabella L (b 1875) and another male (details unknown).  At the time of writing we have not been able to locate any of her descendants.  One of her sons, Frank, lived in the Walkerston area (near Mackay).  Another descendant of hers married a Dr Buddee and lived in Glen Innes in the 1950’s.  A daughter lived in Goulburn and another in England.


WILLIAM RICHARDSON FOX - * 26.10.1843 – 29.06 1898


The only indication we have of his life is from the obituary for his wife Sarah, who

Died in Brisbane on 19 May 1937.


“Mrs Sarah Milbourne Fox.  Widow of the late Mr William Richardson Fox, did in Brisbane

on Wednesday, after a short illness, she was born at Gundagai, New South Wales ninety years ago.  She was married in Sydney in 1866 and came to Queensland with her husband and one child, a few years later making her home at St Lawrence.


The family later resided at Winton, Clermont and Copperfield.  Mr Fox subsequently acquired “Helenslie Station” near Charters Towers, where the family lived.  Mrs Fox used to recall that when a young woman she saw Ned Kelly being taken to prison.  In the central west she learned to use a rifle because of the danger of raids by the blacks.  Since the death of her husband thirty eight years ago, Mrs Fox had lived in Rockhampton and Brisbane, she is survived by six sons, Messrs George, Arthur, Frederick, Carr, Leonard Fox all living in north Queensland and Mr William Fox, Koumala North Coast, and two daughters Mrs WH Pilcher, Sherwood ad Mrs FH Mogg, Marmor near Rockhampton.


William died at Argyle, Sydney aged fifty-four years.  Their children we know are as follows:  George Edward (b 1871), Arthur Robert (b 14.09.1874), William Richardson Isaac Elliott (b 26.07.1872), Emily Eliza (b 27.10.1878), Leonard Ernest (b 11.10.1876).


Editors Note:  This information is supplied by Mrs V Corney of Townsville, the grand daughter of William Richardson Fox.


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