Isaac Fox 1850 - 1924



Isaac was the son of John Fox (1798-1852) and Mary Lavina (Drew)(Died 1896). He was born on the 14 June 1850.
Isaac married Edith Blounts who was born 13 September 1862. Their Children were:
    Jessie Lavina Gibb Born 8 Sep 1888, Died 15 Sep 1966.
        Married (11 Feb 1912) Guy Victor Winchester Harris (1 Apr 1887-21 Oct ?)
    Harold Robert Leslie Born 17 Nov 1889
        Married Mildred Sophia Page 21 Jan 1916
        Married Daisy Isobel Squire 10 Feb 1926.
Edith Dorothy Born 29 Jun 1893
        Married Vincent Muller 27 Jun 1917.

At the time of Isaac�s christening, his father John�s occupation is shown as curate of St Peters, and the Baptism took place in the Parish of Trelawny.  Harold Fox, his son, maintained Isaac was born in Liverpool, but this is considered unlikely. His father John died intestate, owing money, only two years after the birth of his third son, and fourth child. Isaac�s siblings are shown in the first article on this site.

Isaac must have been a capable businessman, as he was able to acquire Halse Hall, one of the oldest houses in Jamaica. Isaac's grandson, Richard Harris writes that "the house was very large but only with four bedrooms. The house was built entirely of mahogany, with bulls eyeglass in the windows, marble steps coming up to the front door, with high ceilings for coolness. It was on 5500 acres where they grew cattle and sugar cane, and entertained lavishly."

Isaac Fox was attorney to Colonel Ward (his friend) and managed his 12 to 15 sugar estates with a central sugar factory (Monymusk) in Vere. The property is now owned by Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica who built a large alumina factory there. The Great House is now used as a guesthouse for visiting dignitaries.

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