John Ruskin Fox

An article appeared in The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser on Tuesday 24th March 1857 copied from the Goulburn Chronicle of March 18th.


On Friday morning last, a man named Palier, employed in carrying the mails from Marulan to Bungonia, on his return from the latter place, while crossing the causeway at Jerrara Creek, the mare lost her footing, and the animal and rider were thrown into the boiling torrent (it being a very high flood at the time).

Fortunately Mr. Isaac Fox had been watching for the mailman for some time, and anticipating the probability of an accident, had a light rope prepared in readiness for an emergency. Immediately on the accident occurring, Mr. Fox's son, a lad of sixteen years, took hold of the rope and jumped into the stream, about 250 yards   below the spot where Palier had been observed to fall.

By the united efforts of Mr. Fox and his brave boy, the drowning man was rescued from (otherwise) certain death. The mare in the meantime had safely reached the opposite bank, Young Fox volunteered to cross the stream to secure the mail bags, which he did after some considerable trouble, and after travelling some distance up the creek ; but nothing would induce the mare again to face the water.

The bags and saddle were fastened to the rope, and thus drawn across. The boy then attached himself to the cord and was safely untied on the opposite side in the same manner. The mailman after getting a change of clothing and resting for a couple of hours proceeded on his journey afoot.

We hear, he was nearly drowned in crossing another creek near Marulan: he lost his footing but fortunately regained it. This is a "plain unvarnished tale." Young Mr. Fox   may be content with the reward: which an approving, conscience bestows; but if he lived in the mother-country he would wear the medal of the Humane Society in an order of merit. Our informant tells us that heavier rain and higher floods have not been experienced in district for the last three years.- Goulburn Chronicle, March l8.